Despite the growing success of barbershops and salons specializing in male beauty and care, the demand for a hair clipper is considerably high, especially for people who prefer practicality and freedom to “slap” the look when they think it is necessary.

With the right hair clipper and a minimum of dexterity, a great result is possible, but for that, it is necessary to find equipment capable of meeting your main needs when making the process. To help you in this search, we have separated some tips that make all the difference when it comes to finding the best hair clippers for you.

Motor power

Although not the only point involved in the quality of the cut, buying a machine with a powerful engine is essential for a more beautiful and efficient result. This is because it is the rotation of the motor that makes the blades move and do the job. This way, the greater the power of the engine, the faster the blades will move and the easier it will eliminate hair.

This aspect is usually the main difference between professional hair clippers and amateur devices. Usually this is not a specification found on the product pages of the store, and it is necessary to observe it directly in the manual of the equipment you want to buy.

Build quality

Despite being a very difficult point to be analyzed at the time of purchase, especially over the internet, which does not allow you to hold the device in your hands, it is of great importance to observe how the equipment is built, the qualities of the accessories and if there are any fragile parts that it may break over time.

Who does not have the option to evaluate the machine's construction quality personally, the tip is to observe what people say about the equipment, especially in relation to the most common defects.

Quality of blades

If the power of the engine has the main role in relation to the quality and efficiency of the cut, the quality of the blades is that supporting factor that makes history run, since it is the blade that performs the cut.

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It is necessary to note that there are different types of blade, both in relation to the material with which they are produced and whether they have wire or not. As for the material, the most common are:


The most common and rustic among the materials, the steel blades have the advantage of being quite resistant and having a lower cost, which influences the final price of the device.

Stainless steel

They have characteristics similar to the first, but with a relatively higher quality and resistance. Another interesting point of this type is that there are options of stainless steel blades that sharpen themselves, that is, they will have a longer duration before it is necessary to sharpen them again.


The more resistant material that allows the creation of a blade with a more refined design can influence the size of the hair clipper. The only problem with this material is the price, which is much higher than the others.


This should be a relevant concern when choosing the right hair clipper for you. After all, if you are unable to handle the device easily and for the necessary time, the result will be nothing interesting.

If you have the option of holding the equipment in person, evaluate how the grip is, if the device is comfortable in your hand. Rotate the machine in every way imaginable to see if it can slip or hinder movement, even if it is a movement that you will rarely use.

At that point, another concern should be weight. For imagine that you must hold the machine for a long time until the cut is finished and every minute the weight and the difficulty of handling it “will increase”.

Cordless hair clipper

Despite being a factor that speaks directly to the previous topic, the absence usually means a considerable increase in the price of the product. Of course, the cordless hair clipper provides much more practicality at work, especially if you don't have an outlet strategically placed next to the bathroom mirror. However, the extra expense may not offset the gain in maneuverability.

Hair trimmer is not ideal for hair

Who has never used the hair trimmer to cut their hair? However, despite "doing the job" when necessary, the device is not suitable for this type of use, because the equipment is much more fragile, after all, it is not manufactured for use as intense as necessary to cut wires. hair.

The size of the hair trimmer head is also an impediment to its use on the head, as it takes much longer to finish the job. Of course, if you use a shorter cut, you can achieve a good result without purchasing a machine, but it is not recommended.